Programme commun pour clavecin et bande – Musique socialiste ?  (January – October)

Common program for harpsichord and tape – Socialist Music?

Why this title?

Before or after hearing, the question remains, or can one still put the question (from where the question mark). As remains, before or after the elections, the great question of Socialism.

(I do not want to make comparisons, but can one live outside of the actuality?)

That the reactionaries condemn in front of the naive people who listens to them readily, the socialist modes, which exist elsewhere, is the most advantageous solution and the easiest one. What is more difficult is the construction of an original society, which is not based on the fraudulent profit. And that concerns everyone, even the artists.

(I am not a political; I try to make a profession that should have a place in the society.)

To take part in this research is since a long time my only interest.

(It should be said that in my field, the action although very modest, has however its place; finally I do not despair.)

How this dominant concern could not be expressed in my work, I ask you? Whether I want it or not, one cannot dissociate the social and artistic aspirations, like it is too often done to protect the old privileges.

Whether directly as that can be in the cinema, or indirectly as in my music, the question remains put:

(I ask it again, and this question is double, let us benefit from it while we can speak in liberty.)

  • In particular, is there a relation between my title and my piece?
  • In general, how in the artistic activities, can one work with the development of a new society?

(That is the question. I do not know, but I seek, I seek…)


Realization at the studio Billig

Final mixing carried out in the studios of the GMEB