PRESQUE RIEN 2019 prize



This year’s entries included singular and noteworthy encounters between different artistic modes of expressions: video and sound, multiple musical languages.



The jury composed of:

Laurence Bouckaert; Anne-Laure Chamboissier; Guillaume Contré; Pablo Cueco; Marcus Gammel; Christophe Hauser; Silvia Maglioni; Mirtha Pozzi; Carole Rieussec; Steve Shepherd; Ryosuke Shiina; Samon Takahashi; Graeme Thomson


The jury met on December 3, 2019 and awarded the following prizes:



::::::: First price

Manfredi Clemente for his work Un sonno che sogna di non sognare (Omaggio a J.L Borges).
For its mastery of form, dynamics, sound and silence, and for transforming archive material in intangible and poetic ways.



::::::: Second prize

Hugo Grenier for Zéphyr
For originality in combining his own writing with Luc’s quotation, and for masterful control of obsessive rhythms.



::::::: Third prize

Kyohei Hayashi for Tulipe Tulipe Tulipe
For the iconoclastic character of the video, for freedom and inventiveness, and overall coherence of the project.



::::::: Special Mentions ex aequo

Yunju Ma for his work Ce jour là

An intimate cinema for the inner ear




to Vincent Grimaldi for Siesta

For the masterful relationship between synthetic sounds and soundscapes, and his ability to transport us to other, unchartered, worlds.



::::::: Mention: Debate and Controversies

to Félix Blume À l’écoute de Presque Rien

A challenge to evaluation and categorization criteria based on a listening and sharing apparatus.




The association PRESQUE RIEN gives the winners its warmest thanks and congratulations.


Brunhild Ferrari