– Extérieur-jour (Paris, Jan.-Feb. 2014)  10’22

– Le Piano Englouti (Paris, Sept. 2012 – original version) 17’50

LP publication Jan. 2024 STREAMLINE – 1042

Distributed by: Soundohm



L’œuvre électronique, coffret de 10 cd ina-grm

Released by INA GRM and revised with Catherine Marcangeli

10 CD Box
Label: INA grm
2023 repress
Reference: INA G 6017-6026
Works published by Maison ONA

INA-GRM link

Distributed by : Boomkat / SoundohmCorticalart /



Stürmische Ruhe by Brunhild Ferrari & Christoph Heemann

Part 1 (13’14)

Part 2 (15’51)

Produced at Atelier post-billig, Paris.

Black Truffle records


Solitude Transit

1 – Roman de gare (26’08)

2 – Ligne de fuite (12’29)

3 – On part chez Marie-Christine  (15’08)

Music in 3 acts for contemporary dance, choregraphed by Anne-Marie Reynaud, composed, performed and recorded by Luc Ferrari (1989-1990).

Executive production: Jonathan Fitoussi & Sébastien Rosat

2022 Transversales Disques

Under exclusive licence Brunhild Ferrari.

Editions : Maison ONA

– Bandcamp – music excerpt

– work presentation

– Jonathan Fitoussi website


Preface to… and thoughts on…

text by Luc Ferrari

Maison ONA éditions




by –bRt– group for music creation

– Tautologos III (1969) de Luc Ferrari  29’31

Recorded on May 7 2021 in Biel/Bienne (CH)

(CD, digital download) 

– Association bRUit

– Bandcamp – extrait sonore


Luc Ferrari… et après

Tautologos III by Luc Ferrari

Bonjour, comment ça va? by Luc Ferrari

Arezzo by Sylvain Kassap

A La recherche du rythme perdu by Luc Ferrari performed by l’Ensemble Laborintus

L by Hélène Breschand

A La recherche du rythme perdu by Luc Ferrari performed by Hélène Breschand, Harp et eRikm, Electronics

Released as a double disk vinyl by l’ensemble Laborintus

Label: Alga Marghen – PLANABOR. Limited Edition – 2021

Soundohm – music excerpts



Labyrinthe de violence

A – Pollution (20’24)

B – Violence (19’59)

C – Pouvoir Profit (20’12)

D – Mecanique Paysage Danse (20’38)

Label: Alga Marghen – 2021

Format: 2LP

Soundohm – music excerpts




Dialogue ordinaire avec la machine / Sexolidad

– Dialogue ordinaire avec la machine  (1984)  29’08

– Sexolidad  (1982-83)  22’10

Elica 8VL – 5214 – 2020

artwork by Jacques Brissot


– website


Le Piano Englouti – Brunhild Ferrari & Jim O’Rourke

1 – Le Piano Englouti (17’28)
2 – Tranquilles Impatiences (18’29)

Recorded in concert at Tokyo’s SuperDeluxe in 2014, revised and mixed by O’Rourke in 2019.
Black Truffle 055 LP – 2020





Perspectives – Wolfgang Meyer-Tormin & Luc Ferrari –

Size 22 x 21,7 cm
Private edition, 200 Limited prints- 75 pages and 2 CD
English – German – French

A book in color with 56 pages of paintings and visual art-works by
Wolfgang Meyer-Tormin and Luc Ferrari.
Photographs by Alberto Ricci.


Disc 1 – Wolfgang Meyer Tormin
– Vom Klavier für’s Klavier IV – Sieben Stücke (1987)
– Aspekt II (1983)
– Vom Klavier für’s Klavier IV – Neun kleine Stücke (1985)
– Zwölf Klangfelder (1968)
– Aspekt IV (1983)
– Von Fern Her (extract from Vom Klavier für’s Klavier III, 1986)
– Präludium (1971)
– Kleines Lied (1971)


Disc 2 – Luc Ferrari
• Sonatine Elyb (1953-1954)
• Quatuor (avec piano, 1953-1954)
• A la recherche du rythme perdu (1978)


2 CD of music recorded on piano by Michel MAURER.
Sound : Christophe Hauser – Artistic direction : Christine Lagniel

Texts by Brunhild Ferrari, Paul Mertens, Florence Destombes
Translations: Catherine Marcangeli, Brunhild Ferrari, Edward Williams
Design: Mitsuhiro Okamoto (studio moto)
Edition: Brunhild Ferrari and Mitsuhiro Okamoto
Direction: Junya Murakami

Initiated and produced by
Brunhild Ferrari – Association PRESQUE RIEN

Printed in Japan


Vinyl disc, 2019, Transversales Disques
Never-before released tape-pieces from Luc Ferrari’s archives
A1 – Photophonie (1989)  25’58
B1 – Il était une fois (1973)  17’16
B2 – Trans-Voices (1992)  0’52
B3 – Tu m’écoutes ? (1975)  4’41



by Ecstatic Peace library

400 pages

edited by Eva Prinz, Catherine Marcangeli, Thurston Moore and Brunhild Ferrari



A collective Luc Ferrari created in 1975 together with Martin Davorin Jagodic, Philippe Besombes, and Alain Petit for a series of performances at the Galliera Museum in Paris.



Exercices d’Improvisation
By Giancarlo Schiaffini, trombone – Walter Prati, Cello – Francesca Gemmo, piano – Sergio Armaroli, vibraphone.
Recorded on October 21, 22, 2017 Il Pollaio, Ronco Biellese (Bi) Italie
DODICILUNE ED394 8033309693941 – 2018
article Avant Scena / Contemporary music blogpdf version



Book by Marina Spreafico and Sergio Armaroli
photographies by Emanuela Giurano with the DVD Tautologos III performed by Francesca Gemmo,

Sergio Armaroli, Mario Mariotti, Steve Piccolo, Walter Prati, Gak Sato, Andrea Vigani et filmes by Selvafiorita

during the concert of March 10, 2018 at the Teatro Arsenale, Milan, Italy.

con-fine | edizioni di Arte e Cultura

– website


L’escalier des aveugles (vinyl)

After CD MUSIDISC 201302

Vinyl cut at D&M from original DAT master tape.

Cover by Luc Ferrari. Design and layout by Gustavo Eandi.

Includes a 12 page accordion-style booklet with documents from Luc Ferrari’s archive, notes from the producer José Iges, and an introduction by Andrea Zarza.

MANA 6 – distributed by Honest Jon’s, London



01 Egypte ô Egypte – dans ce jardin atroce (1960)  21’24
02 Egypte ô Egypte – formule de l’au-delà (1960)  33’04
03 Loin de l’equilibre (1977)  21’27

04 Dernier matin d’edgar allan poe (1964)  7’14
05 Les yeux de mathieu (1984)  26’58
06 Cyclotron (1978)  18’44
07 Tinguely (1967)  12’40

08 Chronopolis (1981-82)  73’00


3 CD set – SUB ROSA (BELGIUM) SR435 3CD – (2017)
In Early Electronic series
– website


Dangerous Visions

– Tautologos IV from Luc Ferrari
– Feu toujours vivant from Gérard Pape
– Glissements progressifs du plaisir from Gérard Hourbette

Commissioned by Art Zoyd and Orchestre National de Lille. Dir. Jean-Claude Casadessus



Hétérozygote / Petite symphonie…

– Hétérozygote (1963-1964)  26’19

– Petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps (1973-1974)  25’09

Reissue on vinyl disc REGRM 017 / Luc Ferrari / By INA-GRM and Editions MEGO (Recollection GRM)

– website


Tinguely 1967 LP
Musiques de film de Luc Ferrari
– Tinguely (1967)
– Dernier Matin d’Edgar-Allan Poe (1964)
SUB ROSA, Belgium – 2017

– website



With works from the prize-winners and a selection of pieces from the three first
competitions PRESQUE RIEN Prize published by Association PRESQUE RIEN, Paris – 2017
PPRP001.11.13.15  METAMKINE
– contact


Luc FERRARI, “Musiques dans les spasmes Ecrits (1951-2005)”

Published by Les Presses du Réel, France (PDF excerpt)

Luc FERRARI, “Musiques dans les spasmes Ecrits (1951-2005)”
Les presses du réel, domaine Arts de la scène & arts sonores, collection Arts sonores

Hors série. Edited by Brunhild Ferrari and Jérôme Hansen. Foreword by Jim O’Rourke.
Introduction by Brunhild Ferrari. Among the Interviews: : François-Bernard Mâche;
Catherine Millet; Christian Zanési; Pierre-Yves Macé et David Sanson…

Yoshihide Otomo’s recommendation on the cover of Sentimental Tales, published by ARTES: “Without the bold experiments of Ferrari the kind of music that we produce and play today quiet naturally would not exist. The world of music would probably be much more boring. “

French edition 17 x 24 cm, 236 pages (color & b/w ill.), Published in Feb. 2017

– website


“PHOTOGravuresMontages” by Luc & Brunhild Ferrari

Exhibition Catalogue PRESQUE RIEN | Quasi niente: Tautologie

ERRATUM about Sound | Visual | Text, Milano, Sept.-Oct. 2017

introduction by Elena Amodeo & Vittorio Schieroni

texts by Brunhild Ferrari, Sergio Armaroli, Steve Piccolo & Andrea Cernotto

<> download the catalogue



OOOL / Sound Fictions (LP)

– Hors Champ from Cédric Maridet
– Cycling from Eddie Ladoire,
– Music promenade from Luc Ferrari (extract)
– Double intérieur from Mathias Delplanque

4 pieces in remix version of the sound installations for the exhibition from Sept. 15 to Nov. 13, 2016 at the Kunsthalle Mulhouse, Fr., Centre d’art contemporain, La Fonderie.

– website


Tacet n° 04 – The Sounds of utopia, Les Presses du réel 

Correspondence with Pierre Schaeffer 3 letters from Luc Ferrari



Les Contes Sentimentaux / Sentimental Tales
Texts of Sentimental Tales from Luc and Brunhild Ferrari, and other writings from Luc Ferrari, translated in Japanese by Ryosuke Shiina and Haruka Tsutsui, with support from Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, Kyoto, ARTES publisher.
– website