Program of April 11, 1983

A musical drama in one act

The Creation of the Diary took place with the Museum of Modern Art of Paris, entitled ARC, Musique in Theatre.

With : Reciting – Laurence Février, The pianist – Paul Dubuisson, The singer – Elise Caron

Directed by Luc Ferrari




April 15, 1982. Baie des Trépassés. Finistere

I read again for the first time my diary.

I decide to do something of it and I start to sort and choose the texts.


April 22, 1982. Paris

I re-examine my pieces for piano and I confront the dates with those of the text. It is amusing.


June 15, 1982. Museum of Modern Art

I meet Christiane Audemard who asks me whether I do not want to make something for the next season. I tell her about “my diary”. The title (which is really very original) slipped brutally out of my mouth.


July 5, 1982. At home on my desk

I complete the writing of the final score. I like. It balances.


August 10, 1982. The Madrague

I start to compose Sexolidad for orchestra. I swim in the deliciously polluted Mediterranean Sea.


December 15, 1982. Montlucon

I meet Jean-Paul Wenzel. I tell him my trouble and how one makes to find actors, say I to him. He says to me, one knows them, but I do not know them, say I to him. I say to him that makes two months that I meet actresses. You like them? He says me. Yes, I say to him I like them all, but I say to him, I fear that they are not my character.


January 15, 1983. Theatre of Odeon

I meet Claude Degliame. She hurts me; she makes me good as one said….

Unfortunately she is not free.


January 20, 1983

I meet Laurence Février.

She frightens me first and then after she does not frighten me any more. Which torment. I believe that she is the character I seek for.


March 29, 1983

What is that, me?

Is it him is it her? Or someone else?

Perhaps is not!

And a female male musician, a male female composer… what is it?

A diary, that exists, that meets…

Is a diary true?

A diary is that of everyone.

As for Elise Caron and Paul Dubuisson, I knew them rather well since rather a long time; or I know them rather a long time since rather well.



April 1, 1983. Now that the adventure starts.

Up to you to play.



Program Avignon, July 18, 1983, at 5 :00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m

“The music speaks and says things which the word cannot say, but the word says things that the music does not say.

That’s it, my diary, a musical comedy, a play of a fragment of daily life, or what occurs in the head of somebody who composes music.

I claim for me (the I-play means an individual in the society), I claim the right to the word. All in all, I became for myself one of my best subjects. I say “me”, but that could be one or another; it is an example. And it is in this sense that this word escapes narcissism. It is a passage through which a course is achieved and tells itself.

I involved in this adventure those who agreed to give it existence. Laurence Février for the word and Elise Caron for the song, Paul Dubuisson for the music and Michel Davaud for the light. And now (i.e. afterwards) I turn over again to silence. ” (L.F.)