Impro – Micro – Acoustique

It is a long story. In 1989, the academy of Boulogne required of me to prepare a concert with students at the end of their study. One then introduced Roland Auzet to me, percussionist, and I asked him to work with me and a pianist on “Cellule 75” a rather virtuoso score for piano and percussion.


At the time of the rehearsals, I realized that not only he played what was written but more, with a kind of particular and theatrical gestual, a dramatization of the score. It was a very beautiful concert.

Years later I met Roland and he as well studied data processing associated with his instruments, as he was also assembling a company of circus whose matter was musical acrobatics, i.e. the actors played acrobatically music.

They did a very good work.


A few years ago, I attended a concert of improvisation, at the Instants Chavirés, a concert place in a decayed part of Montreuil. Noël Akchoté was within the protagonists. With the way he had to play the guitar, I recognized somebody of exceptional. Nothing was normal in his play neither in his sounds nor in his musical behavior. He played certainly the guitar, but rather the manner we played, at the beginnings of the music concrete, excepted we used the artifice of the studio, whereas he made extravagant and new sounds directly and without electronics. I allowed myself to call that “new concrete in real time”.

Some time after, in convolutions of the chance, I met Noël and we became friends.


It is then that had the idea to get settled in the attitude of improvisation. In fact, I had prepared sessions of improvisations in my life and even written scores going towards this concern. But I had never included myself in the players, knowing that I was incompetent. I decided to forget my incompetence, and I proposed to Noël Akchoté and Roland Auzet an experimental encounter in the studios of the MUSE in Circuit.

Thus I had put myself in a strange situation with two specialists, virtuoso of spontaneousness whereas me, I was a specialist in the repair on score. I was so anxious: ” I put myself in a nasty business! “I said to me.


And then we began to work; my buddies were very nice with me. Thus was born Impro – Micro – Acoustics…


That’s the story.


April 7, 2003