Didascalies  (January 1 – Mars 2004)


For viola, piano and SM (that means Memorized Sound) and Computer


For secret reasons about which obviously I will not speak, I committed myself composing a second piece for Alto, Piano, SM and Computer.

Did my two companions take the news on the good side since in any case it is them who had required of me (for which reason? but that formed part of the secrecy! ) Donc I put myself at work on January first, 2004.


The didascalies serve the interpreters and the directors to interpret the score or the booklet.

The didascalies are intimate words intended for the participants. They are thus a secrecy compared to the ear-phones or the Peeping Toms. However, without them, the piece could not exist or would be completely incomprehensible for the public.


Here, in this piece, the didascalies have a particular importance (from where the title) since they take part directly in the score and they hold a separate place to it. However they remain as I just said, they remain out of reach, but let’s comfort us, remain present in the play. As well is true as what is entrusted to the interpreters or can one say to the recreaters, is secret in the sense of intimacy.