«Since autumn 99, I undertook the composition of a new series of works whose general title is “Exploitation of the concepts”.

It is precisely about using the concepts experienced during all my past, and this in all the possible directions.» (L. F.)


Les Archives sauvées des Eaux (2000) — 48′

Saved Files of Water — Exploitation of the Concepts N° 1

For 2 CD and a set of vinyls

Premiered : Gent Vooruit, May 2000 with DJ Olive

«The idea to use my archives was born from a need for updating the support of even these memories. I have indeed analogical tapes in my studio representing all the recordings that I made since 1960 and which I have used or not. While copying on CD these elements I was taken of desire to transform this tiresome work into creative work. And instead of copying, I started to compose.»

Commissioned by Hermes Ensemble

Version for Plastic, Milano 2004 by Luc Ferrari and eRikm

Angle rehorn ds limited CD 0008 – 2004

By the Laborintus Ensemble and eRikm: Césaré 06/03/4/2/1 France September 2006 Grand Prize 2005 Charles Cros In Memoriam

Score available : Brunhild Ferrari



Cycle des Souvenirs (1995 — 2000) — Unlimited duration

Cycle of the Memories — Exploitation of the Concepts N° 2

Sound installation and image  for 6 CD players and 4 video projectors

Premiered : Paris 2000 by CCMix

«The use of the memories is not new for me as I am a recidivist of the autobiography. What is different here, is the installation of the sound and the image. Same manner that I am a composer-sound taker, I am there an image taking composer. The cycle of the memories also means that all the elements are structured in cycles that, while being superimposed, produce hazardous meetings. Therefore all is turning.»

Post-billig Production with the assistance of Césaré and CCMix

Score available : Brunhild Ferrari

CD fixed version: Blue Chopsticks, USA BC8



Archives Génétiquement Modifiées (May – July 2000) — 25′

Genetically Modified Archives — Exploitation of the Concepts N° 3

Memorized sounds solo

Created : Paris, Radio France Concert GRM 18-1-2001

«This composition is made with the same musical elements as the Exploitation of the concepts 1, whose title was Saved Archives of Water. This to say that the idea of exploitation allows me to come back on sounds and even of already used sequences, but always with different ideas and an unrecognizable point of view of composition. Besides I feel have to it to exploit my ideas as well as my sounds. I listen, and I make of this rich present a certain memory. Thus these archives are deep and perhaps even genetically modified.»

Composed at Atelier post-billig.

CD Robot Records, USA