Far West News (1998-1999)

Radiophonic piece in 3 parts

Commissioned by NPS Hilversum.

Premiered : Amsterdam 1999

Episode N° 1 (March 1999) : From the September 11 to 16, 1998 – From Santa Fé to Monument Valley – 29 ‘ 30 ”

Episode N° 2 (May 1999) : From the September 17 to 24, 1998 – From Page to Gran Canyon — 29 ‘ 45 ”

Episode N° 3 (June 1999) : From the September 25 to 30, 1998 – From Prescott to Los Angeles — 28 ‘

«At the beginning, the idea was something like: A composer having had an odd life, filled of instrumental and electroacoustic compositions, specialist in the traveller microphone, has the project to make a random course in American South-West. It is done.»

Composed at Studio post-billig.

Far-West News Episode N° 1 CD Signature, France ASIN: B00005Q4KU

Far-West News Episode N° 2 and 3 CD Blue Chopsticks BC16 September 2006



Jeu du hasard et de la détermination (1998 – 1999) — 21’40 

Play of the chance and the determination

For piano, percussion and memorized sounds

Commission by the French Ministry for the Culture and Communication.

Premiered: Paris, Radio France, January 2001, Multiphonies (Francoise Rivalland : percussion, Michel Maurer : piano)

«In one 21 minutes selected duration, I decided on a certain number of electroacoustic elements and an instrumental score both with given characters. I then asked a software to place them for me one by one, in these 21 minutes. I thus composed the tape and wrote the score starting from these hazardous data. Did I cheat? Perhaps, but not too much.»

Composed at the Studio post-billig with the assistance of the GRM.

Score available : Brunhild Ferrari

CD ED13171 – 2004