Selbstportrait oder Peinture de sons ou bien Tonmalerei (December 1996 – June 1997) — 55′

Self-portrait or Painting of sounds or Tonmalerei

«The project to make a self-portrait implies an obvious relationship to the intimacy. This work composed with words, musics, noises and images, gradually appeared to me as a painting. I called myself in the Seventies a hyperrealist; I note now that I work the sounds like one paints.»

French-German bilingual radio piece, composed at Studio post-billig.

Commissioned by Südwestfunk.

CD SONOPSYS 4 Cahiers Musique Concrète/Acousmatique May 2007


Tautologos IV
(March 1996 – October 1997) — 30′

Symphonic suite for full orchestra and 4 samplers : Block – Interstice – Tautology

Commissioned by Art-Zoyd and the National orchestra of Lille.

Premiered : Lille, Dangerous Visions. Art Zoyd – Orchestre National de Lille

Conductor : Jean-Claude Casadessus. March 9, 1998

This composition is a manner of joining again with the idea of the cycles and their hazardous superimposings explored in the Seventies, in particular in Tautologos 3. A manner of using old concerns while widening them and even by deteriorating them.

Salabert Editions