Scène du va-et-vient (1978 – 1988) – 25’

Scene of to and from

For piano, bass clarinet; cello and an actress

See “Une Soirée avec Matricia Perséverse”


Je me suis perdu  ou Labyrinthe portrait (May 1987 – January 1988) — 88′

I got lost or Labyrinth portrait.

Stereo tape

Radio Play, Bilingual (French-German). Production Südwestfunk

Realization : La Museen Circuit. Paris – Atelier de Création Radiophonique 1988

«Yes, it is a little like that. There is a novelist speaking about her novel and who is also a woman telling herself. There is a composer who, crossing the labyrinth, meets characters and, taken with the trap, becomes himself one of the characters of the subject. There is a novel that becomes the subject of the other… This Radio Play tells how the reality of the life is implied in a novel, or the adventures of literary ceation. Colette Fellous speaks about it.»

With the voices of Hanna Schygulla and Jean-Baptiste Malartre.

Karl Sczuka Prize 1988


Conversation intime (October 1987 – March 1988) — 20′

Intimate conversation

For (harpsichord)  piano and percussion

Premiered : Maison Radio France, Paris (1989). Elisabeth Chojnacka, Sylvio Gualda

«There are no words, not significances, literary ones or others, but simply the desire to make speak two so dissimilar instruments together. Were they going to put them in danger eachother, or were they going to play their differences and to benefit from them along this ballade? It was thus necessary to propose a conversation to them in which they could fuse closely; that is what I tried to do by writing this score.»

Salabert Editions


Tango-Pas (June 1988) — 8′

For piano, clarinet, percussion, synthetizer and voice

Premiered : Madrid, IV bienal Madrid-Burdeos (déc. 1988)

(JM Golse piano, S.Frydmann clarinet, M.Delafon percussion, M.Musseau voice)

Another interbreeding of tango and paso-doble, extracted of Patajaslotcha in a new orchestration.


Créamaille 88 (September – November 1988) — 45′

Stereo tape

Realization : Brunhild Meyer and Luc Ferrari

Radiophonic report on the preparation of a fashion exhibition and an international competition of young designers, organized by young particularly dynamic contractors, at Troyes, capital of the French interlock-industry.