Et si tout entière maintenant (December 1986 – February 1987) — 34′

And so quite whole now

Stereo tape

Symphonic Tale — Text by Colette Fellous

«The adventure had the form of a journey-report on an ice-breaker, a very special ship, with very busy men, with the always precise and mysterious gestures… Not having been able to take part in the journey, it is a dreamed image that I was to compose. I thus asked Colette Fellous to embark in this dream and to tell it to me. Thus appeared a symphonic tale of which the sensual Chaldean tries to divert the cold.»

With the voice of Anne Sée

Prix Italia 1987. – CD MODE 81



Calypso imaginaire (October 1987) — 4′

For two saxophones, two pianos, two percussions

«A Métis Calypso composed by a white composer who can not decide between a measure at 5 or 4 strokes.

But it can be danced.»

Score available : Brunhild Ferrari