Collection de petites pièces ou
36 Enfilades pour piano et magnétophone
(1985) — 45′

Collection of small pieces or 36 strings for piano and tape recorder

Premiered : Montpellier Festival International de Radio France, Jardin de la DRAC, 27 juil. 1985. Paul Dubuisson

«They start and they are already finished. Sometimes, they do not even start, do not have a beginning. Then, is it a suite? It is perhaps a theatre. Is this the old dream never to finish or that always to start again? And then, the ideas which pass so quickly and then the desire to take up the ideas already given and then the pleasure of transforming them as themes which come to give a rhythm to the travel. Then, finally, these small pieces, they make large one…»

Score available : Brunhild Ferrari

La Museen Circuit MEC 01 (vinyle), CD La Muse en Circuit – Musidisc 242232  ED13171 – 2004



Strathoven (1985) — 3′

Stereo tape

«How Beethoven meets Stravinsky. That’s it.»

CD BVHaast Rehorn ds Acousmatrix 3 (1990)