Chronopolis (April 1981 – February 1982) — 72’

Electroacoustic music for an experimental animated film by Piotr Kamler. (colour 35 mm)

The Cirque Productions



Jetzt – Maintenant (September 1981 – April 1982) — 1 h. 45′

Jetzt, oder wahrscheinlich ist dies mein Alltag, in der Verwirrung der Orte und der Augenblicke

(Now, or probably my everyday life is there, in the confusion of places and of moments).

Radiophonic composition

Production : Hessischer Rundfunk, Departement Hörspiel

«Listening is like a dream or like the thought telling something, but in which the images are hustled, losing their realities and by acquiring others at the point of living in thought several realities at the same time. Deformations and sometimes truer than natural. Ah, the thought, that’s disconcerting…»

CD Wergo –ZKM milestones WER 2066 2



Journal intime (January 1980 – July 1982) — 2 h.


Musical comedy for one reciting actor, a pianist and a singer

Premiered: ARC, Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris 11 April 1983

«I gave a theatrical form to the reading of my diary. In fact extracts were selected for the subjects they expressed and which could be made public, whereas others, contrariwise, can only remain secret. From where the difference between secrecy and intimacy. Fragments of daily life are read, played, sung, electroacoustic quotations representing my concerns during more than two years.»

Directed by the author for the Museum of Modern Art of Paris, 1982

Directed by Philippe Adrien, Theatre du Lierre, Paris 1989

Score-book : La Museen Circuit, Paris (no more available)

Score available : Brunhild Ferrari