Labyrinthe de violence – “Mais où donc est-on ?” (February 1975)

Labyrinth of violence

Stereo tape and slides

Premiered: Musée Galiera, 23-25-26 June 1975

«Endless program for tape and two slide projectors. Images and sounds evoke the violence of the civilized contemporary society. Multi-media very related to the political situation of that year.»

Record LP : PLANA-F alga027 – 2009 « Dance »


Cellule 75, Force du Rythme et Cadence Forcée (May – November 1975) — 31′

Cell 75, Force of Rhythm and Forced rates

For piano, percussion and tape

Premiered : Berlin Metamusikfestival 1976. JP Drouet (percussion), and G. Frémy (piano)

«The musical involved points are the following ones: the instinctive force of the rhythm; the mechanization of the technology through which the rhythm (of nature and society) can be alienated.»

Record LP : La Museen Circuit MEC01 – (vinyl)

Maison ONA Editions

CD La Museen Circuit – Musidisc 242232. CD Tzadik USA – TZ 7033