Und so weiter for piano and tape (1965-1966) — 18′

For tape composed at G.R.M., Paris

Commissioned by Radio Bremen

Premiered : Musika Viva (1966) Gérard Frémy

«To finish with the clusters, a pianist multiplied by twelve, surpasses himself in smartness and, on his way, he meets birds and a firework.»

Score available : Brunhild Ferrari

Record LP Wergo 60046. (Vinyl) – EMF CD 037 – 2003


Symphonie inachevée for full orchestra (1963-1966) — 35’48

Unfinished Symphony

Philharmonic Orchestra of the ORTF Conductor: Charles Brück and Konstantin Simonovich

(4 flutes, 3 oboe, 1 cor anglais, 3 clarinets, 1 low clarinet, 3 bassoons, 1 contrabassoon, 4 horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, 1 tuba, 2 harps, 1 piano, 4 percussions, 26 violins, 10 violas, 10 violoncellos, 6 double bass and 2 condu)

Premiered : for the inauguration of the Maison de la Culture in Rennes, January 28, 1969.

«And in 1966, I unfinished my symphony.»

Moeck Editions, Celle, Germany


Les Grandes Répétitions (1965-1966)

5 documentaries for the Television : The Great Rehearsals

5 films 16 mm (Between 45′ and 55′ each)

Production Service de la Recherche de l’ORTF.

In collaboration with Gérard Patris of five portraits of musicians.

«These films can not only be considered as documents (seen the importance of the subject and the way they are treated), but also I think this was the first time that contemporary music was shown in France on television.» :


– Et expecto resurrectionem mortuorum, by Olivier Messiaen, when the piece was created at the cathedral of Chartres

in the presence of General De Gaulle (broadcast: November 11, 1965)


– Hommage à Varèse, memory portrait and testimonies from several composers (broadcast April 20, 1966)


– Momente, by Karlheinz Stockhausen.

The composer rehearses with the orchestra for the creation of his work. (Broadcast June 1966)


– Quand un homme consacre sa vie à la musique.

When a man devotes his life to the music

Portrait of Hermann Scherchen (broadcast: November 1966)


– Cecil Taylor or the discovery of the free jazz. Film in color, 35 mm INA, Paris