(*) This sign indicates any more playable works or only with difficulty or which are no more advisable or should have a rest. (Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari)



(*) Spontané I (January 1962)

Improvisation for nine performers


(*) Spontané II (February 1962)
Improvisation for ten performers


(*) Spontané III (March 1962)

Improvisation for eight performers

The working session on Spontané III was filmed (short film 16 mm, realized by Gérard Patris).


(*) Spontané IV (April 1962)

Improvisation for eleven performers
L’exécution de Spontané IV a été filmée et a donné lieu à un court-métrage couleur

35 mm by Gérard Patris (June 1962).

4 improvisations on an orchestral schema with the EIMCP Ensemble

Conducted by Konstantin Simonovic, as part of the instrumental experiments of G.R.M.


Chastel (May 1962)

Music for a film by Robert Lapoujade



Égypte ô Égypte II (January – September 1962)

Music for a long film in color 35 mm by Jacques Brissot



Chaque pays fête son grand homme (1962)

Soundtracks, short films co-directed with Jacques Brissot

7 short films for French television on F. Chopin, William Tell, Joan of Arc, W. Shakespeare, St. Anthony of Portugal, J. Strauss and R. Wagner.


(*) 6 pour 4 (June 1962)

Four track tape

First version of the tape Composé-Composite « concert collective ».

Premiered : Festival Ranelagh, Paris (1962)