Un Calypso pour Colette  (October 1987) — 4′

Calypso for Colette

For two saxophones, two pianos, two percussions


A mongrel Calypso composed by a white composer who does not manage to decide between a measure of 5 or of 4 times. But that can be danced.

In the beginning, this Calypso was composed for a chamber opera that was:


Labyrinth Hotel (September 1989 – August 1990)  — 1′. 30

Chamber Opera. Texts of Colette Fellous


Based on the novel of Colette Fellous, Calypso, of a radiophonic work on this same novel and its author, of a series of songs on the body, the three authors (including the theater director) thus found the conception of a lyric object in which mix the song, the word, the noises of the world and the secrecies of intimacy, the whole called “chamber opera” since that occurs in a hotel room.


In consequence of a misunderstanding between the novelist, the director and the composer, this chamber opera cannot be represented any more. A new musical version exists, with the title «  Chansons pour le corps » (see 1994).


And, indeed, this Labyrinth Hotel did not meet again the scene since then.


June 5, 2007