Tautologos II  (1961)

for 4 tracks — 15′

A tautology – if we must believe the dictionary “Petit Larousse Illustré” – is the “useless repetition of the same idea in different terms”.

But the nature is hardly concerned with utility or of logical progress from one proposal to another. Without respite it repeats the same cycle of days and nights or seasons, and the apparent variety of the events results only from the multiplicity of the possible interferences between some permanent laws. The work of art finds the same relation of repetition and variations.

Luc Ferrari was particularly sensitive to these correspondences. Tautology is here of two kinds; to the perceptible repetitions in the time, which is familiar for us, others are added, vertical, relating to the sound matter. Taken separately, the employed sounds present indeed analogies of matter, but at the end of some superpositions, the perception of this matter is erased to the profit of a perception of the densities, symbolization of the encounters of the moment, which in time is organized in form. This form, in its turn, is repeated in each sequence.