Tautologies et Environs — Exploitation des Concepts n° 4  (October 1999 – January 2001)

Tautologies and Surroundings — Exploitation of the Concepts No. 4


For 14 amplified instruments and Memorized Sounds

This composition uses with regard to the memorized sounds, the same sound elements as Exploitation of Concepts 1 and 3.

But these elements are for each composition transformed and even unrecognizable. The fact of using them in these different works, means that it is a concern of this year (2000), and that they were composed in parallel, but also represents the new idea for me of exploitation, to exploit in several directions at the same time. Means also that this is about the beginning of a work on my archives.


The instrumental composition as for it represents the exploitation of certain ideas and concepts that I dig and even plow periodically since the Sixties. I should say cyclically, since it is about cycles with the tautologies.

“and Surroundings” indicate the desire to penetrate more deeply in the mechanics of the cycles, but also to look around and in which nature they move.


Tautologies and Surroundings is a succession of sequences of which each one exhibit a presentation and an organization different from the cycles and their superimpositions, which for me relates to the concept of tautology.


I was tempted, but would not do it, to analyze how tautology is represented in each sequence, that would involve me too far.


Sound system forms also part of the exploitation of the concepts as the composition on support (memorized sounds; before one said “on tape”, but it is a little obsolete), since I use technology for a long time.


Instrumental amplification is not used here to turn them louder – still that… – but to make the instruments surrounding and to transform them using various treatments.


At least let us hope.



Feb. 2001