Suite pour piano  (1952)

Suite for piano

This composition is the first one to be represented in my catalogue. It means that it is the first work of my composer’s life. And at the time I write, questioning comes up: by which mystery a young man acknowledges this unbelievable sureness? Out of any logic. In the middle of doubts, how takes place this affirmation.

This remark applies not only to my work, but each time it comes in my encounters or in the historical past, somebody said a day, it is an opus 1, or number one, my first picture.


Before Suite for piano, I had composed a lot of scores, among which some were finished, but did not seem to me accomplished, perhaps because still too close to legible influences of the compositors whom I considered to be my models. Of course that these influences are perceptible in the Suite for piano, but already more mixed, perhaps is it in this sum of memories where the way of identity was cleared.


Still a note : The Gigue that is the last piece, is the result of my first encounter with the serial technique.


December 6, 1995