Rencontres Fortuites  (January 7 – June 11, 2003)

Fortuitous encounter

For Viola, Piano and SM.

I had initially called this piece 7 or 8 anecdotes and abstractions for Alto, Piano and SM (SM meaning Memorized Sounds and nothing else).

Both of the titles had the advantage of being true what is not always the situation.

Indeed in the case of the instrumental composition, those are abstractions, while regarding the memorized sounds they are clearly anecdotic.


I think that it is important to play with these realities as what the instrumental writing proposes the abstraction and the memorized sounds give the possibility of telling or of making hear images.

In this piece are thus 7 or 8 sequences that make pass from an abstract listening to an anecdotic listening I hope renewed and always active.

I would like to tell, in connection with the memorized sounds some anecdotes explaining rather well the idea of fortuitous meetings.


The first sequence of memorized sounds figure the meeting between the very transformed synthetic rhythms and industrialists very naturalists noises, but in very short fragments.


The second is more complicated. I am very well ordered; I tidy up some times my matters. One day I find in a cupboard of my house some tapes, dating from the analogical era and having not anything to do far from my sound work place. One of the tapes carried the title “fortuitous encounters”. This tape instead of being recorded in stereophony as I usually do it, was made of two simultaneous mono recordings and having not anything to do one with the other. It is probably for that reason it carried this title. There were thus on one side the rhythmic noise of an orange press played in a not ordinary way, and on the other the recording of a woman’s voice who had one or two words to say with my indications of sound taker.


Encouraged by this, I opened another box that had as a title “removal”.  I hear several people, of which me, who try to descend by a very narrow staircase a metal table probably rather bulky. At the same time, I had the chance, which I all the same forced a little, to record in a room of fitting mannequins who got dressed and stripped themselves for a rather extravagant demonstration.


I decided to make my small fortuitous, but voluntary encounter.


Thus is to be played this composition, with its awaited and its surprises.


June 25, 2003