Photophonie  (1986)

– – – Voice of Women – – –


What do I feel what I feel? What I feel I do not know anything of it. What do I feel I do not know I could not say afterwards like that finally what do I feel? I do not know. I could not say afterwards like that.


To let oneself see a little then after no more letting see oneself. It is the game of the deduction I mean. Das Spiel der Augen und… A glance ein tiefer Blick. I move back you move back I advance, let myself see a little then afterwards. A glance. Yes.


OK it is the play of seduction.


And then there is, the glance plays also much. The glance and the color of his green eyes. There are things very, very close. Sentimenti. It is funny it is well. And his very close hair. That makes a landscape it is very funny. His hands of course I always look very much at his hands. What do I see? I do not know.


His sex his belly moments ago of distance from the moments when the bodies are distant ein Blick, der mich brennt. Moments ago when one sees only closes-up in against plunged. One can close the eyes there are the open eyes, the closed eyes the eyes it is the color are the feelings. Pleasure. I like to look; the other glances make overwhelm ein Blick, der fliesst of it. Approach. There are heaps of things sometimes in connection with our lifes in connection with the knowledge of the person.


Close eyes. Here the eyes here the eyes it is the color the colored feelings über die Wangen fliessen.


What do I see I do not know her sex her stomach? There are moments of distance there are moments bodies are taken away der mich brennt. There are moments when we see very near there are only close-ups in photography in low-angle shot.


It is moving it is the glance then at the moment it grasps.