Les ProtoRythmiques for 2 Performers  (June 2004 – January 2005)

The ProtoRythmiques is my second experience as a performer.

The first one, entitled Archives sauvée des Eaux was more like an electro acoustic composition in the sense where the elements I shared with my partners were formalized and thus binding.

However this allowed me to make my first steps on the electro-stage and to get experience with electronic instruments in real time. What was impossible at the time of “musique concrète” appears to be reachable with simple instruments used by DJs. This piece was given in many international concerts with the most different and the most experimental performers.


Opposite to Archives sauvées des Eaux, the ProtoRythmiques to be also played by two performers, presents itself as a collection of short sound-objects, harmonic weaves and realistic elements but does not intend any shape in the beginning. The second performer is free to use his own sounds and the invention of time, if prepared during a rehearsal, is created at the moment.

After having played the Archives with eRikm I suggested him this new work.

Following to my first experience that let me progress in an area where I never had been an actor, my suggestions with Les ProtoRythmiques bring me on a more adventurous and also more “democratic” field (if however we can still employ this term after the use the Busch-administration made of).


February 2005