Les Arythmiques  (2003)

The Arrhythmias

The morning of May 29, 2003

when I awoke

I could not breathe any more.

I was carried to the urgencies and there I was said that I had a cardiac arrhythmia.

They made me an electrocardiogram and they showed it to me.

I found that the arrhythmias were not very interesting

that I could better do.


It is at this time that I decided to make an electroacoustic composition that would be called “the Arrhythmias”.


Then I was said:

To restore the cardiac rhythm an electric shock should be made.

I was put on a traveling bed

I waited in a rather cold corridor during two hours.


I thus had time to reflect.

And as one says of a drowned passing by again all his life

I decided to use all the sounds that I had recorded on journeys these last years.

While making them arrhythmic.


I was finally deadened and received probably an electric shock that I do not remember.

This is why, while leaving the hospital

I tried to reconstitute in studio the sound of the shock that I had not heard.

With this sound coming back periodically with each time I change the scene

I impressed the rhythm on the composition.


This composition peculiarly is listened in the right way.

But I tried that one remembers it backwards.

As I already went up a village in Italy here, I tried to go back in time.

It is not easy.


on May 5th, 2005