Lapidarium pour piano  (1955)

Lapidarium for piano

(text probably written about 1960)

“Lapidarium means for me stone exhibition, or stone jet. This work is a search for liberation opposite the serial language inside of which I felt imprisoned. Kind of researching spontaneous or automatism.”


(comment of December 11, 1995)

“I had indeed been fascinated by the surrealist experiments and I wrote automatic texts since I had read the history of the surrealists for which I had a real passion. At the same time, I had made experiments with a psychoanalyst consisting in placing myself in situation of session and instead of speaking, I wrote a musical page without “reflecting”.


“Lapidarium” can be considered as a kind of improvisation of writing, except that improvisation is real-time made and that the writing is slow. The form avoids so any traditional schema with the aid of which one would like to analyze it. Situations succeed one another and renew themselves without ever being repeated, showing a certain number of thematic climates developed on themselves.


If this piece seems of a certain violence, it comes from the difficulty I had to compose it; one could say an “auto-violence”. Also due to the fact that form and objects are thrown and they sometimes collide.”