Fragments d’un journal intime  (I980 – 1982)

Fragments of a diary

for piano

Revision : February 1995

From the 11th to 20th of April, 1983 was given to the Museum of Modern art of Paris, a music-theater piece, called Diary, for an actress, a singer and a pianist.

I was the writer and the composer of this theater piece. It was performed in various situations, throughout various years and then, then went to the drawer, to sleep.

I had some times the idea to pull it out, without knowing too much how. And then I felt to draw a suite for piano from it. It was so normal since it was already about a suite of pieces for piano, that I am astonished not to have had it before!

Each piece now has a title which binds it to the old theatrical form and thus to the text, without one needs to know it. Just, these titles place the musical piece in a poetic attention.


December 18, 1995