Femme descendant l’escalier  (Sept. 2004 – January 2005)

Woman descending the staircase (for: Itinerario del Sonido)


1  –      Woman descending the staircase (32’’)

2 –       Bus shelter (1’50)

3 –       Memory  (1’02)

4 –       The Staircase of the blinds  (2’55)

5 –       The Visitor  (2’03)

6 –       Ronda. Teufteuf Landscape  (3’17)

7 –       Woman descending the staircase from the Subway  (1’01)

8 –       Appearances  (1’48)

9 –       Circolo-Billard  (1’00)

10 –     Numero quatro  (2’39)

11 –     Plaza d’Espagna  (1’57)

12 –     Plaza del Torro  (4’17)

13 –     Puerta del Sol  (2’55)

14 –     Staircase of Circolo de Bellas Artes (2’36)


Total : 30’20


By a beautiful day of end of summer, September 20, 2004, my hosts Maria Bella and Miguel, involved me in a hazardous route in the streets of Madrid. The finality was to record sound elements which could be useful to me in the project “Itinerario del Sonido” to which they had invited me to take part.


We thus went on, walking by bus by subway and some times, I recognized the singular places which I had already met several years, perhaps 10 years before and it was like virtual memories, those which one does not know if they really existed.

It is with these objects, these sounds, these images that I worked when returned of my tour, back to Paris, the work consisted for me in making these sound elements realistic or distant, natural or transformed; in any case, sensitive by the ideas that they induced.

I let myself involve remove intertwine condense touch by them.

Thus I found myself to compose.


What started the mechanism it is that at one time a woman descended the escalator from the Subway with very substantial shoes. I said myself “here it is it” and I had a friendly thought for Marcel Duchamp.

Then, all worked, I located keywords, sounds pivots, intrepid environments, amazing noises.


It is strange how things engage, I am always surprised. Will there occur something or the dizziness of the absence of body. But it always occurs something……