Conversation intime  (October 1987 – March 1988) — 20′


For piano and percussion

Premiere : House of the Radio, Paris (1989)

There are no words, not significations, literary or others, but simply the desire to make speak two so dissimilar instruments together. Were they going to put in danger one the other, or were they going to play their differences and to profit from it along this ballade? t was thus necessary to propose a conversation to them in which they could mix closely; it is what I tried to do by writing this score.


An intimate conversation, it does not have anything special, it arrives without one realizes, by surprise. It does not say large thing of exceptional to it but it is indescribable by other thing that the intimacy.

And why that one precisely is an intimate conversation, one could not explain it.

One can only feel it.


Luc Ferrari