Analysis / Thoughts

Conte Sentimental N° 1  (march 1989)

Sentimental Story No. 1


Music by Luc Ferrari : Little intuitive symphony for a spring landscape

By Brunhild Meyer and Luc Ferrari

Production: La Muse en Circuit, Paris 1989 for the SWF Baden-Baden

First broadcasting: June 3, 1990 — 25′

“The adventure is the journey on the Causse Méjean. That was an unique experience. When we returned there afterwards with friends, they already knew a little, it was thus no more a surprise…

The way was very steep, it was not dramatic, but there was the unknown extending the time”. (L.F.)



“Little intuitive symphony for a spring landscape” is the title not only of the composition from 1973-74, but also the first “Sentimental Story” with memories to that summer where Luc Ferrari and Brunhild Meyer did not drive to the sea, like all Frenchmen, but in the center of the Massif Central” (Hermann Naber)


The little intuitive symphony for a spring landscape reflects this landscape.


Second broadcasting:  SWF January 29, 1991

Broadcasted: Bayrischer Rundfunk February 15, 1991

Broadcasted: NDR 24 April 1991