Analysis / Thoughts

Archives Sauvées des eaux – Archives saved from the floods  (Jan. – April 2000)

Exploitation des Concepts 1

For 2 CDs and a set of vinyls — about  50′

Performer 1 : CD player

Performer 2 : electronics and sampler or turntables

Since autumn 99 I undertook the composition of a new series with the general title “Exploitation of the concepts” (exploitation of the concepts).

The aim is precisely to use the concepts I experimented during my whole life as a composer and this in all possible directions. Just as well in writing for instruments as in electro acoustics, in video, in multimedia-installations, in using the new technologies as well as the old ones, in composing concertlike works, which means with a duration that suites to the idea of concert, or concertunlike works which means with an “undetermined” duration. These exploitations are going in all directions: the tautology, the superposed cycles, the minimalism of the “Presque Rien”, the random architecture, the anecdotal, the narration, the everyday life, the poor art, the memories and so on, all these concepts which came up in my preoccupations but which I have not really exploited until now.

The idea for using my archives grew up from the necessity to update the aids of these memories. In my studio I have actually magnetic tapes representing all the recordings I have made since 1960 and which I have used or not. Copying these elements on CD I suddenly felt the desire to transform this boring work into creative work. And instead of copying I began to compose. By this way was born a new composition which exploits the archives from 1974 (one must begin somewhere), was born also from the commission I got to perform with a DJ: encounter between Wim Wabbes, leader of the Vooruit in Gent, DJ Olive from New York and me.


Realized at Atelier post-billig.