Analysis / Thoughts

4 Morceaux en Forme de Promenade (June 28 – December 27, 2004)

For 4 Brass instruments, 2 Percussions and  MS (memorized sound)

commissioned by GMEA

Centre de création musicale d’Albi, Tarn, March 2005

Let’s say here that the saxophones represent 2 of the 4 brass instruments. It’s a question of colour and if one wants, of timbre. Same as the percussions are used as percussions, the saxophones are used here as brass instruments. This being said, every resemblance with existing titles would be only the fruit of chance.These 4 pieces are situated in a kind of a precise decors where the instrumenal writing enters a dialectic with what I like to call MS (memorized sound). Indeed, all concrete sounds have been recorded in Sicily and more precisely in Taormina in August 2003. But If I have to say all the truth, certain places have been mixed like for example the Greec Theater of Taormina and the one of Syracusa.