Après Presque Rien (April – November 2004) — 25’

After Almost Nothing

For 14 Instruments and 2 Samplers

(flute, Oboe, Clarinet, low Clarinet, Trumpet, Saxophone tenor, Saxophone baritone, Trombone, Piano, Perc, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Violoncello, double bass, 2 samplers)

Commissioned by CCMIX – Paris, New Musics – Brussels, of Art Zoyd – Valenciennes with the support of European Funds Feder Interreg III.

Premiered : April 20, 2006 Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels by Musiques Nouvelles, Conductor : Jean-Paul Dessy

«Between the composition of Presque Rien with instruments and its creation, passed approximately 3 years, with the result that I had forgotten the score a little. At the time of the premiere, I was extremely disturbed, not because I found that good or bad, but this score in any case indicated the end of the series Presque Rien. And I believed one moment even that it indicated bluntly the end. Something like after that I do not have anything any more to do. Blocked! … Free and without a priori, I decided to let me lead by the time and the chance of encounters. I thus started to compose without projects…»

Edition Pierre Neurey, Valenciennes



Didascalies (2004) — 25’

For viola, piano and SM (Memorized Sound on media)

Premiered : Chapelle de Boondael, Brussels. May 16, 2004

Vincent Royer (viola), Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven (piano)

«For secret reasons about which obviously I will not speak, I committed myself composing a second piece for Alto, Piano, SM (Memorized Sound) and Computer. Did my two companions took the news of the good side since anyway it is them who had asked me (for what reason? but it is part of secret!) therefore I put on at working on the first of January, 2004.»

Score available : Brunhild Ferrari

Sub Rosa SR261 luc ferrari “didascalies” / cd+ dvd  / May 2007