«Since autumn 99, I undertook the composition of a new series of works whose general title is “Exploitation of the concepts”.

It is precisely about using the concepts experienced during all my past, and this in all the possible directions.» (L. F.)


Les Anecdotiques (2001 – 2002) — 54’

The Anecdotals — Exploitation of the Concepts No. 6

Radiophonic piece for Deutschland Radio Berlin

«In this radio piece are 15 parts or 15 anecdotes which tell in a chronological order the travels I made in this year. Since Ronda in Spain to the Port of Joliette in Marseilles while passing by Tuscany, Chicago, Texas and the Provence.»

Grand Prize 2005 Charles Cros In Memoriam

SUB ROSA SR 207,  2004



Paris-Tokyo-Paris (January – November 2002) — 27’

Sextet for oboe, Clarinet, bassoon, violin, violoncello, piano and memorized sounds

Premiered : Tokyo, 25-10-03 by the Ensemble NOMAD

Conductor : Norio Sato, Commissioned by NEW GENERATION, Tokyo

«This Sextet is perhaps the first score where I use the concept of improvisation intended for the writing, which will become in following works the improvisation used like diving in the unconscious world and the writing as work of reflection.»

Score available : Brunhild Ferrari



Saliceburry Cocktail (Octobre – December 2002) — 30’

Music electroacoustic

Premiered : La Chaux-de-Fonds, Swizzerland, May 25, 2003 Theatre ABC

«Saliceburry is a word found by chance and the unconscious with an invented orthography. It is thus in the beginning a lie and all that I could say on this piece can be regarded as such.»

Sub Rosa, Belgique SR 252, 2006