Symphonie déchirée (December 1994 – January 1998) — 60′

Torn symphony

For 17 amplified instruments and memorized sounds (flute, oboe, Clarinet, low Clarinet, bassoon, Trumpet, trombone, saxophone, piano, 2 percussions, 2 violins, 1 viola, 2 violoncellos, 1 double bass)

Premiered : Gent, Belgium. November Music, Vooruit, Ensemble Champ d’Action. Nov. 1998

Conductor : Zsolt Nagy

«Torn symphony is a suite of 8 movements. It is a kind of swinging between the revolt and pleasure, between realism and abstraction, impulsive and formal movement. Started at the end of 94, it was subjected to several confusion owed to disturbances of revising personal questions and the time that passes and that does not resemble itself.»

Memorized sound composed at La Muse en Circuit and CCMix

Salabert Editions



Presque rien N° 4 “La remontée du village” (1990 – 1998) — 16′

Almost Nothing No. 4 -“Go up the village”

Memorized sounds

«I always hesitated before putting in circulation a Presque Rien. For example the first put two years before going out of his hiding-place and that continued thus. And for the fourth, it took nine years of hesitation. But here it is. Perhaps it is because it is a true false Presque Rien where the reality and the lie are mixed. It is about going up the old village of Vintimiglia.»

Composed at Studio post-billig

Sub rosa, Belgique SR252 2006



Les émois d’Aphrodite (1986 – 1998) — 25’

Stir of Aphrodite

New version 1998 for Clarinet, piano, percussion, 2 samplers and 1 CD player

First version created in Paris 1986, Ensemble Le Banquet.

«I kept of 86 the character of this piece which moves in a kind of a destroyed Rock’n roll, which comes periodically like dances of Aphrodite. I added harmonic “manipulations”, or a progression towards a disjoined harmony which is my desire for the moment. (I did not employ the word “aesthetic”). Lastly, the introduction of the samplers allows in addition to present the living of time, to disjoin the timbres.»

Memorized Sounds composed at Studio post-billig.

Score available : Brunhild Ferrari