Conversation Pieces

Music for the theatre of François-Michel Pesenti

Creation: Marseilles, Bernardines 1993



Ouvert – Fermé (September 1993) — 11′

Open – Closed

Stereo tape

«Part of a collective composition which joins the participation of the composers of the Museen Circuit and which has the title Un Impossible Pari(s)

In the Metropolis series produced by Akustische Kunst, WDR, Cologne.




Bistro (June- October 1993) — 60′

Stereo tape

Creation: Paris Le Théâtre du Lierre,  25 nov. 1993.

Music recorded by the Ensemble Le Banquet, conductor: O.Dejours.

(With JP.Baraglioli, A.Bellec, M.Dagois, S.Frydman, B. Krattli, Ch.Lagiel, M.Maurer, E.Payeur, C.Talibart. Voice: X.Legasa, D.Michel-Dansac, M.Musseau)

Composed for the choreographic show of Anne-Marie Reynaud.

This tape is coposed of several elements: a recording of Patajaslotcha, suite of dances surrounded by sequences of noise or electronic compositions, in which one finds also quotations locating a bar in the Fifties. (Édith Piaf, Hawkins…)



Porte ouverte sur ville (November 1992 – November 1993) — 32′

Door opened on city

For oboe, Clarinet, low Clarinet, percussion, viola and tape

Premiered : Triennial Cologne, June 16, 1994

Musik und Computer (6) Ensemble Le Banquet

Tape composed in the electronic music studio of the WDR.

Commissioned by the Department of New Music of the WDR.

«The tape of « Open door on City» is partly made by hazardous radio excerpts: excerpts of the world, bits of sentences or musics, emotion or set language, irrational, seized moments, imbricated in the present… it is an appearance.

Somebody walks in this scattering and symbolizes the presence of the observer. Lastly, the musical “abstract” sounds mix with realistic material and create distances or depths of field. Thus the musicians play a real counterpoint, approaching or integrating themselfs into the sounds from the tape, dialoguing with them or, contrariwise, living their independent life, ignorating the tape or even, contradicting it.»

Score available : Brunhild Ferrari