(*) This sign indicates any more playable works or only with difficulty or which are no more advisable or should have a rest. (Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari)



Cahier du soir (1991 – 1992) — 90′

Evening’s diary

Suite of 20 pieces for 14 instruments, an actress and slides

(flute, oboe, clarinet, low clarinet, bassoon, 2 percussions, piano, synthetizer, 2 violins, viola, 2 violoncellos and one actress)

Premiered : MUSICA, Strasbourg, Palais des Fêtes. Oct 2, 1994

Ensemble Le Banqet, conductor: Olivier Dejours, actress: Anne Sée

»On a stage, 14 musicians, an actress, and the Conductor.

And then slides.

But is there a relationship between them?

A enigma perhaps?

Which are these twenty scenes so evocative that make emerge the music?

And this woman who dialogues with the slides, who seems to dialogue with the music, who listens, speaks to us, confide and questions herself?

And then this noise of plates? Is this a dinner?

Which name to give to this evening, intimate like a diary, where mix text and music without being theatre, without being oratorio, machines and images without being multi-media…?

Unclassifiable, would one say.

However completely normal.


It is the story of the feelings which pass by there.»

Salabert Editions



(*) Fugue de J.S.B. (March 1992) — 5′

Fuga of J.S.B.

For flute, clarinet, low clarinet, violoncello, vibraphone and piano

Orchestration of the Fuga No. 4 of the First Book of the ‘well temperated piano’ of Johann-Sebastien Bach.

Paris Theatre of the Villette, 15 May 1993

(M.Ghisalberti flute, Sylvain Frydman Clarinet, Carol Mundunger low Clarinet, Christophe Roy violoncello, Jean-Michel Collet vibraphone, Michel Maurer piano)

«Written for a concert of which I do not wish any more to speak.»