(*) This sign indicates any more playable works or only with difficulty or which are no more advisable or should have a rest. (Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari)



Comme une Fantaisie dite des Réminiscences (Dec. 1989 – Jan. 1991) — 25′ 

Like a fantasia said of the Reminiscences

For two pianos

Premiered : Apr 16, 1994, Albi GMEA, Town theatre of Albi.

Christine Lagniel and Michel Maurer – piano

It is here a true recomposition of the Scene du va et vient (1980), starting from the same themes and of the same ideas. The composition develops on particularly dancing elements while appear, in the deforming mirror of the memory, the reminiscences of the well tempered piano of Johann-Sebastien Bach, kind of bedside book, sampled and handled in a hazardous cycle. This fantasia, which balances between an obsessional formula and fragments of memory, is perhaps like a homage.

Salabert Editions

CD Auvidis Montaigne MO 782110 – 1997


(*) Berceuse d’illusions (June 1991)

Lullaby of phantasms

For three instruments : keyboard, high wood instruments, low wood instruments  (3 à 6′)

Premiered : Nice, Manca Musée d’Art Moderne 4 déc. 1991

Forms part of a series of commissions to about twenty composers for a laser book.

Co-published by Albin Michel, the CIRM and Paris-Museums.

Composition for a record.


L’escalier des aveugles (March- May 1991) — 35′

The staircase of the blinds

Stereo tape — Collection of news

Commissioned by Radio Nacional de España

Coproduction Ars Sonora RNE2/the Museen Circuit

«All the concrete materials were recorded in Madrid. Each place is at the same time the portrait of a young woman being as well guide, translater as actress. The elements were then recomposed in studio, to give them a surrealist dimension, particularly characteristic of Madrid.»

Prix Italia 1991 (Special Prize from R.A.I.)

CD Musidisc 291302


Clap (June – October 1991) — 9’

For piano and tape

Premiered: WDR Köln 1992 (Volker Banfield, pno)

Solo of piano on environment and interview of Mauricio Kagel.

«All the elements which constitute the tape belong to discussions that I recorded during the winter 1967-68 with a team of French television.»

Composed for Mauricio Kagel’s birthday.

Score available : Brunhild Ferrari