(*) This sign indicates any more playable works or only with difficulty or which are no more advisable or should have a rest. (Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari)



(*) Musique dans les spasmes (September 1988 – February 1989)

Music in the spasms

Realistic fiction – Text

«It is a kind of novel (150 pages), made of memories, reflections on the musical life and of fantastic tales. This text, with its dated course, is a little the continuation of the Journal Intime and is not intended for the publication.»


Conte Sentimental N° 1 (January – March 1989) — 29′

Sentimental TaleLittle intuitive Symphony for a spring landscape

Stereo tape

Petite Symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps.

Realization : Brunhild Meyer and Luc Ferrari, Coproduction with Südwestfunk (Baden-Baden).

«The idea of this series is to take an existing composition and to tell the story which started it. This “sentimental” tale is overlapping bilingual French and German and mixes with the music. Here, the discovery and the shock of a landscape on the Causses of Aveyron.»

This Sentimental Tale is the first of a series of 11, realized by Brunhild Meyer, on an idea of Luc Ferrari.

For more precise details, please refer to the Catalogue “Sentimental Tales”.

Coproduction : Shiiin & SWR2

4 CD –Set Shiiin (2013)





(*) Extraits du corps (February- June1989) — 1 h 30′

Extracts of the body

For fifteen musicians, piano solo and tape

«Extracted from 9 scores, from between 1953 and 1985, in an erudite assembly and like a concerto for piano and orchestra in three movements. The sense of this recomposition is that of a composer who tells with his manner a part and one of the aspects of its life: it is like pieces of his body. It is by thinking of that I asked young women to speak in front of a microphone about the parts of their body. This tape, made up like a poem, comes to give a special dimension to this adventure. This cutting was carried out to answer a particular request of Michel Redolfi, Conducter ector of the MANCA, and remains a unique representation.»


Photophonie (May- August 1989) – permanent

Stereo tape

Premiered : Musica Strasbourg (Sept. 17 – Oct. 15 1989)

Commissioned by Musica 89 for the photographic exhibition of Alain Willaume.

Photophonie I, intended for the big room: three 30 minutes tapes running permanently, without never meeting in the same situations.

Photophonie II, intended for the small room: a 15 minutes tape running  in loop.

Tells landscapes with the invisible presence of the photographer.



Presque rien avec filles (August 1989) — 14′

Almost nothing with girls

Stereo tape

«In paradoxical landscapes, a photographer or a composer is hidden, young girls are there in a kind of déjeûner on the grass and give him, without they know, the show of their intimacy.»

CD BVHaast Rehorn ds Acousmatrix 3 (1990)

CD “Presque Rien” INA-GRM / La Museen Circuit – MUSIDISC 245172