(*) This sign indicates any more playable works or only with difficulty or which are no more advisable or should have a rest. (Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari)



(*) Une Soirée avec Matricia Perséverse (1978-1984) – 120’

An evening with Matricia Perseverse

For 15 instruments and actress.

Premiered : Bremen Musiktage ’84. Schauburg, 22 Oct. 1984.

Ensemble Das Neue Werk, Hamburg, Conductor: D. Cichewiecz (flute , oboe, clarinet, low clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, piano, 2 percussions, celesta-glockenspiel. And one actress)

This evening is composed of three pieces of music, or three scores, in which the same atmosphere and common themes circulate:

Entrée (Entry), for fifteen instruments (see higher)

Scène du va-et-vient (Scene of to and from), for a pianist and an actress.

this piece ends in Bonjour, comment ça va ? Hello, how are you? for piano, violoncello and low clarinet,

– Sexolidad, for fifteen instruments, (see higher).

Matricia Perséverse (the actress), i.e. the composer, presents the concert and makes a particularly perverse analysis of the evening.

This piece can be regarded as matter for musical theatre.



Patajaslotcha, suite of dances (1984) — 25′

For nine instruments (trumpet, 2 saxophones, singer, piano, double bass, 3 percussions)

Composed for the Bal de la Contemporaine.

Premiered : Musica 84 ‘, Strasbourg (1984).

Bal de la Contemporaine Voice: Michel Musseau

Old-fashioned reconstitution of a suite of dances for a ball of the Fifties: paso-doble, tango, java, slow, cha-cha, with not at all harmless words.

Salabert Editions

CD La Museen Circuit – Musidisc 291302



Les yeux de Mathieu (1984) 

Music for a film by Nicolas Cahen on a choreographic conception of Susan Buirge and Claude Hudelot.
Production and distribution FR3, Poitou-Charentes



Dialogue ordinaire avec la machine
ou trois fables pour bande doucement philosophiques
(1984) — 30′

Ordinary dialogue with the machine or three gently philosophical fables for tape

Stereo tape

«The composer and the machine or how to approach it… These questions and how to answer them… What say the machines which are the daily environment of a home-composer … And how to make love with a drum machine.»

(Song : Michel Musseau)

CD Elica, Milan