Préface pour piano (1983) – 10’

Foreword for piano

Piece composed starting from the introduction of the Journal Intime.

«Without extravagance, but can shameless appear in a program, can be used as connection or as matter of improvisation, can be cut in sections, can be played by several musicians, etc. The performers use then the score as matter and decide together the orchestration. The written parts can be played like a kind of homophony and the improvised parts can disperse and become extremely hétérophonic. Apart from that, they have to only manage. When I say piano, I will say that it is as well piano, synthetizer, marimba, vibraphone, etc.»

Salabert Editions



Sexolidad (November 1982 – November 1983) — 30′

For fifteen instruments (see Entrée)

Premiered: Festival de Lille, 1983

Atelier instrumental d’Expression Contemporaine, Conductor: Benoît Renard

«Here what I said at the time:

“It is a music which is in a tonal language. Permanently. It is based on a certain number of tonalities…”

I would say now: a series of tonalities.

“… that is fixed on body significances. Each one represents part of the body. Nothing very original; the tonality, one finds it since the beginning of the Seventies, but what interests me here, is the point of view of the form which is to mean the geography of the body through the tonalities…”

I would say now (let us be precise): to each part of the woman’s and the man’s body is allotted a different tonality so now, making them move, one obtains a succession and a superimposing of tonalities.»

Salabert Editions

CD Elica, Milan