(*) This sign indicates any more playable works or only with difficulty or which are no more advisable or should have a rest. (Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari)



(*) Algérie N°3 : La Société Nationale de Sidérurgie (March 1976 – January 1978) — 35’

Algeria No. 3: The National company of Iron and steel industry

Stereo tape or tape and slides

Photographies : Djamel Farès

Premiered: Cinémathèque Alger 1978

«Visit in El-hadjar (Annaba). Various discussions with the workers in connection with their work conditions, of socialist management and how the factory runs. Report illustrated by the noises and environments of the daily life. Algeria 1,2,3 are also portraits of places of a certain sound interest, unfortunately the “Algerian revolution” which is expressed here like release of colonialism, yielded the place to a retrograde religious tearing. These 3 Portraits are really exceeded. Alas!»


A la recherche du rythme perdu – Réflexion sur l’écriture N° 2 (February 1978) — 20′

With the research of the lost rhythm

For piano and tape (can be also played by adding other musicians)

Premiered: Béziers. 9 May1978. Henry Fourès

«This piece is intended more particularly for jazz musicians. The interpreter wonders about the question of the rhythm while acting musically on the magnetic tape. Locating a climate, the written notation and proposals are reduced to the minimum.»

Maison ONA Editions

CD La Muse en Circuit – Musidisc 242242


Promenade symphonique dans un paysage musical or
Un jour de fête à El Oued en 1976 (March 1976 – March 1978) — 32′

Symphonic walk in a musical landscape or One feastday in El Oued in 1976

Stereo tape solo — At the origin, audio-visual version

Photographs by Nasser Edin Ghénifi

«The sound of the landscape, the voices, the language, the market, the celebration make a symphony which recalls one day of a walk in the area of El Oued, and locate the music in its true environment.»

Record INA-GRM 9104 fe (vinyle). CD Sub rosa, Belgique SR252 2006


Chantal, ou le portrait d’une villageoise (July 1977 – April 1978) — 40′

Chantal, or the portrait of a villager

Stereo tape

In collaboration with Brunhild Meyer

«How lives a young woman born in a village, 22 years old, one child, married to a mason craftsman, the SMIG (guaranteed interprofessional minimum wage) for the household. She says her occupations, her desires, her disorders, her problems of woman, the search for her emancipation.»


Ce qu’a vu le Cers. Réflexion sur l’écriture N° 3 (May – September1978) — 25’16

What the Cers saw. Reflection one writing No. 3

Stereo tape and instrumental group

Premiered : Fylkingen, Moderna Museet, Sweden 1979

«Extracts of the foreword: Cers is a wind of the north which blows on the country of Aude… I like also the reference to Debussy… what interests me is a subversion of the writing… in the sense where simplicity is subversive… experimentation of a new simplicity, thus can appear another complexity inside the moment…»

Score available : Brunhild Ferrari

Record LP : Ventadorn VT 323 (vinyle) CD Musidisc 242262


Apparition et disparition mystérieuses d’un accord (Sept. 1978) — Random duration

Mysterious appearance and disappearance of an chord

For alto Saxophone-quartet

«Pedagogic score intended to be worked out within music schools. The realization is decided by the group that chooses its way through the score, according to its capacities.»

Alphonse Leduc Editions