Tuchan, village N° 11350 (July 1976 – March 1977) — 1 h 15′

Audiovisuel piece (music, interviews, slides)

Stereo tape and two projectors for two screens

Premiered: Paris, Musée d’Art Moderne, 11 March 1977

Photographs : Brunhild and Luc Ferrari

«A series of conversations draw the life of a village of Corbières. The farmers speak there about Cathares, policy, the « Popular Front », the exodus of the young people, the vine growing, hunting, etc. For one month, we questioned, followed and photographed some of the inhabitants who accepted the suggested experiment. “Symphonic” report illustrated by an original music and ambient noise of the village.»


Place des Abbesses (June 1977) — 25′

Music for a film by Erika Magdalinski

Production : INA

«Portrait, as its name indicates, of the place of the Abbesses in Paris. Although intended for a film, this stereo tape has a musical interest and falls under the series of the sound portraits of places.»

CD Tzadik USA – TZ 7033


Les Apprentis (July 1977) — 1 h 20′

The Learners

Music for a 16 mm film by Gérard Patris

Production : Coquelicot Film and Südwestfunk

For the television : Portrait of Boris Vian


Loin de l’équilibre (September 1977) — 30′

Far from balance

Music for a film by Alain Bedos

Production: CNRS Paris

Scientific film on an experiment of laboratory.


Et tournent les sons dans la garrigue – Reflection on the writing No. 1 (August – September 1977) — 25′

And the sounds turn in the scrubland

Stereo tape and free instrumentation

Premiered : Action Musicale Narbonne (1977), Le Vivant Quartett

«How to transmit musical ideas without using the conventional and erudite writing, by leaving to the musicians their spontaneousness and their freedom. Lying in the soft heat of the scrubland, I thought of this problem by letting me penetrate by the atmosphere, the sounds and the perfumes turning in the air of the landscape.»

Maison ONA Editions

CD Césaré 06/03/4/2/1 France September 2006


Etudes (Exercices) d’improvisation (September 1977)

For stereo tape and instruments.

«Suite of exercises (5 to 7 ‘ each) that might be subject of individual or collective improvisation for any instrument or instrument group (not more than 8). Each exercise is based on a continuity: harmonic or melodic color, rhythms, etc. They are intended for amateurs, professionals or students and can take place in concerts.»

Maison ONA Editions

Disque vinyle ALGA MARGHEN planam 5 (it) – 2010 Par Gol et Brunhild Ferrari


Presque rien N°2.

“Ainsi continue la nuit dans ma tête multiple” (Sept.- Oct. 1977) — 21′

“Thus the night in my multiple head continues”

Stereo tape

Premiered : Paris Festival d’Automne, 14 nov. 1979

«Description of a night landscape that the sound-recorder tries to encircle with his microphones, but the night surprises the “hunter” and penetrates in his head. It is then a double description: the interior landscape modifies the external night and, composing it, adds its own reality (imagination of reality); or, can one say, psychoanalysis of his night landscape?»

Record LP INA-GRM 9104 fe (vinyle)

CD “Presque Rien” INA-GRM / La Museen Circuit – MUSIDISC 245172