Petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps
(1973-1974) — 25′

Little intuitive symphony for a spring landscape

Stereo tape

«Musical form of the soundtrack of Almost nothing or the desire to live (Presque rien ou le désir de vivre), where I try musically to represent the impression felt in front of the landscape. Perhaps this appearance, not yet very explicit of the intuitive analysis, will develop, who knows? That consists in proposing results, starting from comparisons or of nonintellectual deductions.»

CD BVHaast Records Acousmatrix 3 (1990)



Allô, ici la terre (1973-1974) — 2 h. Env.

Show for the ear

Second chapter

Commissioned and produced by WDR. Abteilung Neue Musik, Cologne

Premiered : Cologne, Aula Apostelgymnasium Oct. 7, 1974 Groupe BETWEEN

«This piece tries to show how the organization of the contemporary society is likely to disturb in an irremediable way the conditions that are necessary to the perpetuation of life. It is a (modest) report at the same time lyric and informative of the state of pollution of the natural elements.

Contrary to the first chapter, which is an audio-visual piece, the second chapter is an only sound piece, composed of magnetic tapes accompanied by an ensemble of amplified instruments (five instruments, two tape recorders).

Texts of scientists, philosophers, sociologists and popular songs are illustrated by instrumental sequences (and realistic waves of noises (rain, sea, landscapes, industry, war, etc) which are used as dramatic elements to the various texts.

It is the first piece in which I consciously employ (insofar as the attempt at Hétérozygote was unconscious) the sounds like ideas and thus like a real speech, which is melted with the spoken language of the texts.

This ground is divided into five elements: Earth, Water, Air, the War and Utopia.

A program-piece quite characteristic of beginning of the 70s. Beginning of a “green” reflection which, 20 years afterwards, stamps always on the same problems… However it is a score that still can sleep.»



Éphémère (November 1974) – 30’

Short-lived experiment

Tape alone or to be played with various instruments (Free instrumentation).

« This piece of music – which as its name indicates, is based on “effects of sea” – is intended for instrumentalists as well professional as amateurs, and for musicians open to all the musical genres. The tape is used as score. As its name also indicates, this tape was designed for one special moment.»

CD ALGA MARGHEN plana f. 33 NMN 081  – 2010