(*) This sign indicates any more playable works or only with difficulty or which are no more advisable or should have a rest. (Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari)



Music Promenade (1964-1969)

Electroacoustic music

Premiered : Paris, Théâtre de la musique, March 16, 1970 “Hétéro-Concert”

Version for stereo tape — 20′

Permanente version for four independent tape-recorders

«Suite of realistic sounds and sound images that collide. A walker is struck by the violence of what surrounds him. Nature disappeared in a military and industrial whirl in the middle of which they foresee an agonizing folklore and a lost young girl. “The Installation”-version allows a sound system in a place in which the walker is free to choose his musical route.»

Record LP Wergo 50054 (vinyl)

CD “Presque Rien” INA-GRM / La Museen Circuit – musidisc 245172


(*) Société V – Participation or not participation (1967-1969)

For six percussionists, one actor and public

Premiered: Nuits de la Fondation Maeght, Saint-Paul-de-Vence (1969)

(J-P Drouet, S. Gualda, M. Lorin, D.Masson, J.Carré, G. Berlioz. Mediator: Guy Jacquet)

«Theatrical action bringing into play, in a “sociodrama” and by taking the music like starting point, the Majority and the Opposition. Participation or conflict between musicians and public, poked or not by a mediator, that it is the question. This play can be set up like a true theater piece and in a true theatre, but with the unknown factor of each evening: which direction the public will give to the action.»


(*) Société VI – Liberté, liberté chérie (1969)

For public solo (unlimited duration)

Text score

«Here, the public is the only protagonist of this realizable of which the goal is the communication. Questions are put (sociological or provocative but rather like encouragement to imagination. This score, insofar as it is an example of curiosity that each one can have in the daily life, can be regarded as a sociological investigation. Société V and VI are pure products of “68 spirit” from the concept and the jargon. One can for the moment leave these 2 scores on side.»


Tautologos III ou Vous plairait-il de tautologuer avec moi ? (1969)

For any group of instruments (Unlimited duration)

Text score

Premiered : Madrid. Semana Nueva Musica, 1969

«Systematic explanation of the “tautological process”, I employ in a nonsystematic way (because I don’tlike systems) since 1960. This realizable allows professionals or amateurs to try out the repetitive mechanisms starting from musical, theatrical or visual elements, freely chosen by them. Can also be used as material for a teaching work.»

Moeck Editions

SR261 luc ferrari “didascalies” / cd+ dvd   / May, 2007


J’ai été coupé (1960-1969) — 12′

Stereo tape

Production: G.R.M., Paris

Premiered : Paris, concert GRM, Théatre Récamier, 1973

«Abstract music, but perhaps also a meditation on loneliness and the sleep.»

Moeck Editions (French and German)

Record LP Philips 836 885 DSY (vinyl)

SONOPSYS 4 Cahiers Musique Concrète /Acousmatique (May, 2007)


(*) J’ai tort, j’ai tort, j’ai mon très grand tort (1969)

Imitation-dialogue for mixed choir (unlimited duration)

Text score

«A choir or actors arrives by an effect of surprise, to invite the people to a great and merry sound celebration whose each individual is a component.»

Moeck Editions (French and German)