(*) This sign indicates any more playable works or only with difficulty or which are no more advisable or should have a rest. (Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari)



(*) La musique à l’envers – Fragment of a collective opera (1965)

The music back to front

Text by Pierre Schaeffer

Composition of circumstance


Société I (1965) — unfixed length

For seven performers and public

Premiere conducted by the author at “La Vieille Grille”, Paris, 1965.

Directed by Didier Flamand, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 1981.

«First Score called ‘realizable’ and totally written in form of text.

Social game, which, from the sound and theatric elements, is intended to create a big riot in the course of which one hopes that the barriers of convention will be overturned. The purpose is to reach by this way the communication which, starting from a given place can go on in life. This place can be kind of theater or café-theater and the performers can be musicians or actors, professionals or amateurs. In this realizable like in certain text-scores it would be helpful in order to coordinate the action of the performers, to appeal to a director.»

Maison ONA Edition