TAUTOLOGOS I  (1961) — 4’17

If rhetoric proscribes the tautology, which it defines as “the useless repetition of the same idea in different terms”, the music made of it since centuries an abundantly justified use. What is thus, in its organic growth that of a musical development, if not a Tautology ordered by the mysterious, obscure laws sometimes, of Nature and the Life?


Luc FERRARI’s Tautologos I implements a sound material of increasing complexity; on the one hand some short, simple sounds are agglomerated to produce complex components, on the other hand already complex sounds are subjected to a musical development. The time of the survey is exceeded. Here syntax is resulting of a musical theory; and of syntax, a word full of sense. But the word depths, born from the encounter of the sound object and the conscience which apprehends it, is an interrogation rather than a chain of certainty; all opposite of a rhetoric.