Saliceburry Cocktail  (December 2002)

Memorized Sounds starting from certain elements of 1990 – (29′ 30″)

Saliceburry is a word that came to me one day all alone. In my head. I wanted initially to call this piece ‘Saudade de Merde’, but my friends disadvised that to me. Of course, that is not an invented word, only I liked its sonority. Then I got information. Salisbury is an English city on Avon, the old capital of Zimbabwe, and the Marquis Salisbury who seems to be a not very sympathetic man, whatever having little to do with my ideas. This is why I am allowed to change the orthography.

It is a first sign of mask.

In fact, it is the idea of the cocktail proposing to me to hide the things the ones by the others. I took old elements and, as some I did not want to hear them, I hid them with some others that I did not want to hear either. I was also forced, since I had in memory certain sounds, to hide the images they suggested to me, some other realistic elements, I was forced to hide them under synthetic sounds, certain synthetic sounds, I was forced to dissimulate by drastic transformations, finally, I hid the shape in a none-shape or vice versa. All that is very dramatic.


To notice that certain rhythms here and there resemble those of a shaker when a cocktail is made.


January 9, 2003