Analysis / Thoughts

Archives Génétiquement Modifiées

Genetically Modified Archives (May – July 2000)


Exploitation of the Concepts No. 3

For memorized sounds solo — 25′

This piece is composed with the same musical elements as Exploitation of the concepts Nr. 1, whose title was Archives Sauvées des Eaux, (Archives saved from the floods) for two DJs ; one using CDs and the other Vinyl. This is to say that the exploitation allows me to come back to already employed sounds and even sequences, but always with different ideas and an unrecognizable compositional point of view.

A recent overview of my elements from the 70s provoked the desire to renew them, without nostalgia and without allegiance with the past. The idea of exploitation also gave me vast freedom and ease regarding the concepts.

Indeed, when I speak about it is not a question of acknowledging the concept as it was done in the beginning, but to find the idea of it again thirty years later, and to see how it rubs against the earlier experiments, becomes deformed, or takes a different shape. Or disappears. Perhaps the question is even to use the word “exploitation” in a provocative way, as a concept, but with lightness.


Anyway, I feel the right to exploit my own ideas as well as my sounds. I listen, and I manufacture the present that is rich of a certain memory. Therefore, these archives are deeply and perhaps even genetically modified.


Realized at Atelier Post-Billig